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BoutiqueShield is an independent fashion retailer insurance designed by a consultant just like you, Kelly Arnold! While not out selling fashionable clothing, she is an insurance professional. Kelly began to wonder if her inventory was protected  if something were to happen at her house, at a pop-up, or just about anywhere. Kelly confirmed her homeowners policy wouldn’t give her the proper amount of insurance. She went to work the next day and made some phone calls.  She found a great insurance company and talked to her boss….BoutiqueShield was born.

Facts on Home Based Businesses

60 % of Home-Based Businesses Without Insurance.

A new survey commissioned by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) has found some interesting facts about home-based businesses. Most of America’s 11 million home-based businesses are vulnerable to significant financial losses.  This is because they do not have the proper business insurance coverage.

The survey, conducted by International Communications Research, shows that one in 10 U.S. households operates some type of full or part-time home-based business. The problem is 60 percent of these businesses do not have insurance coverage.

When asked why they had no insurance the 60% answered:

I thought I was covered by something else0%
I am too small for insurance0%
I'm not sure why I dont0%

Unless you like to gamble why risk it.  Our policies start at 225/year and offer great protection.  That’s like skipping fast food one day a month to make sure your business can survive in the event something bad happens.  Don’t risk it get a instant no obligation quote right now.

Why do I need BoutiqueShield Insurance?

If you are here it is because you are either already a consultant or are soon to come of the queue. Most of the existing consultants have their shipping down, have had some live sales events and attended some pop-ups. Whether you have been in it for years or are just starting you/we have at least $5,000 in inventory that isn’t protected by your homeowners. Without trying to spread to many negative vibes, see below for a few examples of when you wouldn’t be covered.

Independent Fashion Retailer Pop-Up

Here are just a few claim examples….

Fire Insurance
A fire at your home ...

A fire at your home could ruin your entire inventory with just the smoke smell alone

General Liability Insurance
A slip and fall...

A slip and fall at your house, a hosts house or a pop up could cost you your business and put your family at risk of a lawsuit.

Theft Insurance
A thief....

A thief at a pop-up or a hosts house could make off with more than enough inventory to seriously hurt your business. We all know how crazy these events can be.

Liquor Liability
A few drinks....

Most parties involve alcohol. If someone leaves and is involved in an accident you could be dragged into a lawsuit.


Property Insurance

Property Independent Fashion Retailer Insurance (At Home)

This insurance protects you from loss or damage to your business assets. These assets include computers and other equipment, merchandise, materials and inventory. You can purchase up to $100,000 in property coverage with a home business insurance plan.

Property Independent Fashion Retailer Insurance (Off-Site)

Off-site property insurance protects you from loss or damage to your business assets while you are at a party or a pop-up sale.  This coverage  includes computers and other equipment, merchandise, materials and inventory. You can buy up to $15,000 in off site property insurance with a home business insurance plan.

Off Site Property Insurance
General Liability Insurance

Liability Independent Fashion Retailer Insurance

Liability insurance protects you from liability losses.  An example would be someone tripping over a pile of leggings in your house. An independent fashion retailer insurance policy will allow you to buy between $300,000 and $1 million in liability coverage.

Lost Income Independent Fashion Retailer Insurance

Lost income insurance is so important.  If you are forced to temporarily stop your business operations due to damage caused by a covered event, such as a fire, this insurance will enable you to continue receiving the income necessary to pay employees and bills for up to one year.

Lost Income Insurance
Liquor Liability

Host Liquor Liability Independent Fashion Retailer Insurance

This coverage alone makes it worth the $20-$30/month. Imagine a friend, who was drinking wine at your pop-up party, gets in a car accident on the way home, and you are held liable. The home business insurance policy will protect you.


Jeremiah O'Donovan
Jeremiah O’Donovan, President
Kelly Arnold
Kelly Arnold, Consultant/Customer Service Manager
Keyla Ferreiras
Keyla Ferreiras,
Assistant Manager
Beth Redcay
Beth Redcay, CFO

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